I recently had my area rug cleaned.

When I first moved out on my own after college I didn’t have any furniture to speak of. As I had just graduated from college I couldn’t afford to buy all the furniture that I needed right away so I had to gradually buy things to fill up my apartment. There were many things that I couldn’t afford to buy brand new so I spent a lot of time strolling through antique shops looking for furniture that fit my style and my budget. Antique or vintage furniture is something that I love, however because of its age it isn’t always in the best shape. I have found that when items I would like to buy aren’t in the greatest condition that I can easily barter my way down to an affordable price. Using this strategy I was able to furnish my new apartment in a few short months. The problem was that I had an apartment full of antique furniture that was desperately in need of some conditioning.

upholstery cleaningI found a great upholstery cleaning service that saved my sanity. I was able to have all of my furniture cleaned and conditioned to return it to the best possible shape. I couldn’t believe the difference that it had made in my antique furniture. After allowing some time for my finances to bounce back after buying so much furniture for my apartment, I was able to focus on filling my space with more decorative items. I bought an area rug for the living room that tied things together very nicely. Of course this was another vintage find so after buying it I took it to an area rug cleaning service. Again, I was shocked by the results. The rug looked as good as new! You would never have known that I bought it used. Throughout my experience furnishing my apartment I found that I could purchase vintage furniture and have it professionally cleaned for less than the cost of buying the same item brand new. Not only that but now my apartment is filled with with vintage items that have great character and is much more fitting to my style.

I would definitely recommend hiring an upholstery or area rug cleaning service if you are thinking of buying vintage furniture. I have found it to be much more cost effective than buying furniture brand new. I also feel that the quality of my items is higher because as my grandmother says, “they just don’t make things the way that they used to”. My friend spent a ton of money on a new couch that was completely destroyed in only two short years. My vintage couch was much cheaper, even after having it professionally cleaned, and it is still lasting after many decades. I feel like even if I could afford to buy brand new furniture that I might stick with vintage instead. After figuring out how easy it is to have the upholstery cleaned I don’t see a reason for spending that much money to buy something new.

Looking for a new youth group design for our shirts

The youth group has really grown a lot in the last several years, and our new youth group leader has been really great about getting them up to the levels that we used to enjoy here at our church. One of the most interesting things is how relevant he has been able to make the group, so that the kids really want to be a part of it because they feel that they are a part of something that is unique and interesting, which is exactly what they are looking for nowadays.  It really helps that he has been able to brand the youth group, and has been able to give them a group identity that they all can be proud to be a part of. We now sell t-shirts in our book store at the church and we give them away on occasion when there is an event that the kids are a part of. Or if they are volunteering their time somewhere to help others, it is a good idea to have them wear the shirts that help them feel a part of something. We found a great tee shirt printing company that does just youth groups, so their designs are really powerful and very popular.  The Youth Group TShirts company has a great design team, custom tshirt printing for youth groupswhich I think is why we have enjoyed the items they have been able to create for us. They have a young team that really gets what these kids are wanting.

Our youth leader has been really good about understanding that we need a brand, we need to be branded and we need to have a home where these kids feel safe and accepted. The brand and the logo and slogan really feed into that, which has enabled us to grow the youth group and have higher numbers than we ever had before. This gives us a better purchasing power for the custom t-shirts and sweatshirts, but it also allows us to plan bigger and better events than we have done in the past. We can have concerts now, and we have really fun summer camps and other programs that the kids can really enjoy. The more kids are involved, the better it can be for everyone. It adds to the feeling that they are involved and that they are part of a larger movement, that is bigger than they are. That is why the t-shirts have really helped to accelerate that feeling of being accepted and a part of something. There has to be a movement for the kids to feel that they are a part of something that is unique and interesting. The logos and the slogans that they can wear just feed into that, and enhance the group over all. We are moving forward with other ideas and other ways to ensure that we are really branded and that the youth group kids really want to support and show their membership under that brand. That is what keeps them together, and we want to support it.

Luckily, There are Companies Like Automation U, which Specializes in the Implementation of Marketing Automation Systems.

marketing automationMarketing is incredibly important to the success of any business, but it is also an aspect of business on which many companies spend far too much time and effort.  In order to avoid wasting all of your time, trying to market your business effectively, you should implement a marketing automation system, of some kind.  Marketing automation systems can save an incredible amount of time, as they can organize and utilize data much more quickly than you would be able to on your own.  Unfortunately, a lot of the companies that do have marketing automation systems do not know how to best utilize them, to the advantage of their business.  Luckily, there are companies like Automation U, which specializes in the implementation of marketing automation systems.

Marketing automation software truly does provide some remarkable benefits, and it makes it much easier for you to effectively market to your customer base.  Still, without the ability to properly use your system to its fullest extent, you are not getting what you paid for.  Having a marketing automation system is the first step, though.  Automation U can not only provide the systems, they can help you get everything out of them that you should.  If properly set up, you and any authorized employees will be able to check up on all the aspects of your company’s marketing, with the touch of a button.  You can even make alterations to various ways in which you are representing your company, much more quickly than you would be able to, otherwise.  First of all, you can identify issues that you are having more quickly, since they will all be in one conveniently-utililized system.  You also have the ability to actually execute those changes, since the system essentially does it for you.  With your marketing department able to be more responsive, while using up less of your time and energy, you are free to focus on other ways to make your business better.  That, ultimately, is the appeal of marketing automation software.

That is only the beginning, when it comes to automation, though.  There are plenty of other automated systems that can be implemented, to make your life easier, while making your business better.  By automating elements of your sales department, as well, you can greatly increase efficiency and responsiveness.  This is because sales is another area that, like marketing, often eats up a lot more time and energy than it should.  It is crucial that you are able to keep track of all of your inventory and sales, of course, as it can explain where your money is coming from and where it is going.  Still, if you have an advanced system that can keep track of everything for you, your life will be a lot easier.  With a sales automation system, business owners can determine, within a matter of minutes or even seconds, the location of all the inventory, as well as its value.  You can determine if you are losing money, due to over or under stocking specific merchandise.  These systems are every bit as useful as marketing automation systems.

Having a daily skin care routine is very important.

I am always the first person to agree that we, as a society, put far too much emphasis on people’s appearance. It makes me sad to know that there are so many people out there who are tormented by the impossibly high standards that the media places on our appearances. I am not at all saying that I, myself have not succumbed to the pressures of the media, however I think that I am in the minority when it comes to people realizing that the media is to be held responsible for this intense focus on physical appearance in our society. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I definitely feel self-conscious if I ever leave the house without my mascara on. I was very fortunate to grow up with nice skin. I never really had acne when I was growing up and I have a pretty nice complexion. I used to take for granted the fact that I had nice skin, but as I have grown older and more aware of the pressure’s of the media, I have come to appreciate my skin very much. For this reason, I have developed a skin care routine that I try to follow every day.

Skin careBecause I live in a very dry climate, I take a lot of care to make sure that I use plenty of moisturizer all year around. In the winter it is easy to tell when you have forgotten to put on your lotion because your skin will dry and crack very quickly. In the summer it is still very dry but not quite so intensely, sometimes I will forget to put lotion on all together. With such a dry climate comes a lot of sunshine, and a big part of my skin care routine is to apply moisturizers that also contain SPF. I believe that the most vital part of one’s skin care routine should be to apply sunscreen every day. Our skin already goes through enough every day without having to worry about frying under the sun.

Although I know that a lot of the pressure to take care of our skin comes from the great emphasis on appearance that is put in place by the media. I hate to think that I am buying in to a media gimmick, however I know that skin care goes much further than that. Taking good care of one’s skin is the same as trying to eat healthier, or exercising more regularly. They are all things that we do to keep our bodies in high functioning order, and skin care is also a part of that. Unfortunately, I think that people often take their skin for granted and don’t realize that it requires care and nourishment, just like the rest of our bodies. I know that taking good care of my skin will pay off in the future, just like I know that eating a salad for dinner tonight instead of a plate of fried chicken will pay off in the future.

Raval Facial Aesthetics:Youthful Skin Club

3773 Cherry Creek North Drive

Suite 132

Denver, CO 80209

(303) 985-8520


I grew up with a fireplace.

Although I do not think that my family used our fireplace all that often, it was very nice to be able to grow up with one. Growing up with a fireplace means that you will have some sense of responsibility for being able to take care of yourself and start a fire.  I think that every guy should know how to start a fire and that is a great start for many of the young guys in the world.  I know that my dad was able to teach me the various steps that include making sure that the flew is open by sticking a piece of flaming paper up to clear out all of the air that has just been hanging there.

The next step in utilizing your fireplace is to make sure that you have an adequate amount of wood.  Wood is obviously the biggest piece because if you just have paper or something like that, you are not going to be able to keep the fire going for that long.  I am not sure what other people have used, but I usually put the wood on a grill. This allows for the wood to have enough space between the space on the floor and the top of the grill so that air can enter the fire from the bottom.  As I am sure that you are aware, air is the most important thing when it comes to building a fire. It is what keeps the entire process going, so if you do not have a good air flow, it is going to be a huge issue and your fire will mostly likely be snuffed out.  The best thing that you could do otherwise is to make sure that all of your accessories are handy.  Fireplace accessories are those that allow for you to poke and prod the fire to keep it growing hotter and keep it going longer.

gas stovesI am not sure what ones specifically are needed, but I have to imagine that you want the clamps to move the longs when they are in the fire and the proder to make sure that you can poke things into place.  That is exactly my method for building a fire and I hope to be able to do it soon.  I am not sure just how many fires I have built in my life, but it is nice to know that if I am in the woods, I know how to build a fire of my own.  I would definitely have to find dry wood.  Fortunately, in Denver, I can rely on the places like E Fireplace Place to get all of my accessories for this kind of endeavor.  It makes me feel very secure and I appreciate having that as an option.  It should be an option for my kids as well.  They will eventually learn how to build a fire themselves.  I hope that that will be the case and I would like to teach them soon.


Catering Horror Stories Prevented

One Christmas Eve in particular was ruined by food poisoning, and I remember it well.  My family and I had attended a catered dinner at my church that night, just like we usually did every Christmas Eve after the early evening mass.  The dinners were put on by the caterers at the church hall, seemingly a collection of little old ladies who volunteered their time and recipes for the church.  I never narrowed down exactly which food it was that made me so sick the night before Christmas, but it definitely kept me from eating at that kitchen again.  We went to the Christmas eve dinner with our church at least two more times after that fateful day, though I never ate a crumb.  Finally I went off to college and I haven’t been back since.

As I hugged the toilet bowl all night, wishing that I had never eaten whatever it was that I had eaten, I think a permanent scar formed on my brain.  We’ve all had food poisoning at one point or another.  If you haven’t, consider yourself pretty lucky.  For those of you that have suffered through a day and night of emptying your stomach repeatedly, you most likely remember exactly when its was and exactly where you had eaten right before it happened.  Those sicknesses stay with us, and they permanently taint our perceptions of that particular food of restaurant for years afterwards.  Every time I attend a catered event that just so happens to be held in a church basement, I inspect every little bite of food as if I would be able to see the bacteria on it.

With all of this in mind, I don’t think anyone would want to get into a situation in which they hosted a catered event that made their guests sick.  I have no idea if anyone else felt the same way that I did after that Christmas eve dinner, but it’s likely that they did.  If you’re choosing a caterer for an event coming up soon, definitely ask if you can speak with some of their past clients.  Do some sampling of their food ahead of time to make sure it’s of the caliber that you would expect at your event.  If you can, take a peak into their food preparation area to check that the staff are wearing clean hairnets and gloves, and that the work spaces are clean and sanitary.

There is no sure way to completely eliminate the risk of food contamination, but these are cateringprecautions that can better your odds.  Choose a caterer with a good local reputation, and follow up with the references that they provide to you.  But don’t stress about the whole situation too much.  Like I already mentioned, there is only so much you can do to prevent food poisoning when you hire a caterer, and it’s not that common in the first place.  So make sure that once the catering company is chosen and the menu is set that you put these worries out of your mind.

Finally! A combination yogurt shop and coffee bar

coffee lounge

Before I discovered CoYo Coffee and Yogurt Lounge I had never thought about enjoying amazing fresh roasted coffee with a scoop of delicious frozen yogurt at the same time. In fact, I hadn’t really thought of combining coffee with any dessert product besides maybe coffee cake. However, on my last visit through centennial I tried this place out on a whim and now I am a huge fan of what they do. Is a family owned and operated frozen yogurt shop but also offers locally owned and roasted coffee product from DazBog coffee. I’ve always loved this type of coffee and have always been a big fan of frozen yogurt and I’m finally able to have them both in one place. Ever since learning about this frozen yogurt shop I have taken my kids there several times and I find myself going there whenever I need to work on a project or if I just want a nice hot cup of Joe.

I know that the frozen yogurt market seems to be saturated with many companies popping up every year. It makes perfect sense why this product has gained so much popularity, especially in the summer months. I think kids really like going out for frozen yogurt because there are so many different flavors available and the rotation of flavors and styles is always changing. You can get a cup that is small, medium, large or extra large and fill it up as much as you want. When you get to the counter they will simply way what you have put in there and you pay based on that. So, if you have wide eyes and a big stomach you could really do some serious damage by adding a lot of toppings and different flavor additives. I personally like to keep my fro yo experience simple and add things like cereal and gummy bears to the top. I know that sounds of funny combination but sometimes you have to let your inner child out whenever you go to a yogurt lounge. You might find yourself equally amazed at how well a good cup of coffee goes with many different flavors of frozen yogurt. Add to that the fact that this frozen yogurt and coffee lounge often has some very interesting flavors for their yogurt and you can have an interesting combination of hot and cold, bitter and sweet. It really pleases every part of your mouth when you visit the yogurt shop and I haven’t found a repeat combination that it didn’t like.
As I stated, CoYo Coffee and Yogurt Lounge probably serves DazBog coffee which is one of my favorites. They can make you cappuccino’s, lattes, chai tea and more to go along with your frozen yogurt. When I look around I see a lot of happy faces and people having fun making fun new combinations for their frozen yogurt inventions.
If you’re in the centennial area I think you and your family should should stop in and check this place out. There’s something for everyone here so even if your kids want frozen yogurt and you want coffee I think it will make the whole family happy.

Inventory management systems can your business run smoother.

I live on a part of the longest street in the nation.  I actually think that Colfax, as the longest street in the country, is pretty cool and I love that it has that distinction.  Nevertheless, the street has undergone quite a few changes over the years.  You will still be able to see some of the blighted areas on Colfax, but for the most part, it is a really enjoyable part of the city.  One of the best things about Colfax is the food.  I recently found a restaurant that is just fantastic and it is only a few blocks from my house.  I have been wanting a really nice restaurant to have that kind of vicinity for quite some time.  And now, I have it.

stock management systemMy excitement should not be under appreciated because I do think that the more restaurants and places that I get out here, the best it is for me when I actually try to rent out my place.  There are some difficulties in owning a small business and I hope that one of the ways that that can be corrected is through the right management and management software.  I was recently turned on to something called inventory management system.  These are useful systems with a small business because it allows for a one man shop, or at least one with a very small staff, to better manage their time.  An inventory management system can make sure that all of the necessary items that are in the retail store or restaurant are there without any questions.  I know that if I were a chef or someone like that that it would be very useful to have a system that keeps track of whether or not I need to order milk.  Obviously, it would be pretty awful if I was a chef and all of the sudden I ran out of milk.  The best way to avoid that would be to make sure that all of my systems were in place.

That is one of the reasons why I am so excited about the development of a stock tracking system.  A stock tracking system would be very useful in making sure that all of necessary things that I need to run my restaurant or business were available.  It allows for me to not even think about small ingredients that I know that I would need every day.  Instead, I would be able to focus on some of the more important items that make up the heft of my dishes.  When you are ordering as a chef, it is vital that you be aware of what you have and what you need.  That is the best way to make sure that all of your ingredients are fresh and that you do not double up on something unnecessarily.  It is the same sort of idea as a warehouse management software for some of the largest companies in America.  Hopefully, those don’t come to Colfax and we just get to utilize those sorts of tools here.


7061 S University Blvd, Ste 202

Centennial, CO 80122



Every man knows that during a poker game tensions can run high. People are drinking, betting and swearing and it’s hard to know if what people say is serious or if they are just talking out their ear. Like just now, we have been playing poker for the last seven hours and things got hot, I took my keys to my brand new Acura RDX and tossed them into the pot and I lost. Now I am going to give it to you straight, I was only kidding around.

So, I am going to just, pick my keys back up and put them back into my silly pockets and head home, if that’s ok with you guys. I really kept a serious face on that one. It probably seemed to the whole world like I was being serious but it was all a big joke. Do you ever watch those English comedy film? It’s impossible to know when they are saying something in earnest or when they are fooling around, so you just laugh the whole time. The key to this style of humor is to make the whole room think what you are saying is serious until after the moment for the laughs has already passed and the hands are showing and you have lost badly, then to tell the others that it was all for laughs. After everyone has had a chuckle over the gag, you get up and get in your car and drive straight home because it’s really late and your wife is going to be worried sick about you. Is not everything we say in life, on some level or another, a little funny?  I am going to tell the guys at the Acura dealership about this some time and they are going to die of laughter.

Don’t get angry with me because you don’t get me. You think that a bet is a bet and I lost my car to you right then but I am telling you that you are way off. If you had done a thing like this to me, I would have cracked up so bad I’d have fainted. It’s hilarious! I can see by your face and the way you are holding that bottle, that you still don’t know if I am talking seriously or not and that just makes the whole, dumb thing even more of a great prank.

One time I did something just like this to my wife. We were having this huge fight so to kill all the tension, I told her I was leaving her and then I got in my other car, my Acura LT and drove away. I didn’t come home for almost a week and when I did and I told my wife it was just a prank she really had a fir of the giggles. Anyway guys, like I said it is late so I am just going to go if you could just step away from the door. I will see you all next Friday for poker night and we can chuckle over this whole thing then.

For the love of wine, I can’t get enough.

I am not a wine connoisseur but I do love a good glass of wine. I have never really been one to drink, I was always the odd ball in high school who didn’t get waisted on the weekend. As I grew older I began to enjoy a good glass of wine with dinner. For the first many years of my wine drinking experiences my dad would choose the wine and I would give a nod of approval and make an icky face to express my distaste. I never really learned what sort of wines i liked or what I didn’t. The only way I knew was if I tasted it.

One summer I went with my family to Europe. We went to England, France, Spain, and Italy. There I discovered a little bit more about the kinds of wines that I like and that I don’t like. I almost never enjoyed any of the French wines. Even the really super fancy expensive ones I turned my nose up at. As soon as we got to Italy there wasn’t a wine I turned down. At a sophisticated little pizzeria in Milan near the breath taking Duomo I discovered one of my all time favorite wines, the Morrellini di Scanzano. It’s taste was so exquisite I couldn’t get enough. I now knew that I enjoyed Tuscan wines and I had a grape that I could ask for, although I really didn’t know what this meant.

As time went on I learned a few things about my taste in wine. I like Chianti, Malbec, Pinot Noir. I am not big on Merlot or Chardonnay. I also really do not like white wine, it gives me a horrible migraine. I know this is very strange because red wine is usually what gives people headaches.

My boyfriend and I like to enjoy a good glass of wine with dinner and over the summer we had really become fond of having little picnics and wanted to have a nice glass or bottle of wine. We were pretty hit and miss with what wines I enjoyed even with what I knew I liked about wine we still got some bottles that were pretty bad. Neither of really knew how to evaluate a bottle.

specialty wine

Specialty wine

We had a special anniversary coming up and we really wanted to make sure that we had a spectacular bottle of wine for our special evening. We did some searching around and found Joy Wine & Spirits. We were both excited to go to the store and check out what they had. We were so pleased when we arrived. One of the on-staff sommeliers helped us pick out the perfect bottle of wine. I explained to him what I liked and what we were looking for. Thankfully I knew enough about what I wanted and what I didn’t so I was able to effectively communicate what we would like for our special day. We ended up with such a great bottle of wine and were so pleased with our experience. We will definitely be returning to Joy Wine & Spirits.